Sunday, May 08, 2016

Upcoming Trips - China

Upcoming Trip No. 1

Singapore to Xian via Hongkong, Xian to Singapore via Hongkong

Upcoming Trip No. 2

Singapore to Suzhou/Wuxi (Direct), Suzhou/Wuxi to Singapore (Direct)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

My next trip - Xian China

My next trip will be Xian China. Hubby loved China's history and he really wanted to visit the Terracotta Museum in Xian for a long time. Finally we managed to make our bookings and travel plans, will be travelling in a couple of months time so my travel story wont be posted so soon.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

High interest in my Johor Bahru post

Wow did not expect such great interest in my post on how to go to KSL Mall from JB Sentral.

See the post here.

and also how to go to Johor Bahru from Kranji MRT Station Singapore.

See the post here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chinese New Year Shopping In Johor Bahru - JBCC, City Square and KSL Mall

Managed to squeeze some time to head to Johor Bahru for some Chinese New Year Shopping. The exchange rate for S$1 to M$ is about 3.03. The low ringgit draws a lot of Singaporean like myself to head to Johor Bahru for a day trip shopping. It is very easy to travel to Johor Bahru. Refer my previous post on how to travel to Johor Bahru and another post on how to go to KSL Mall.

Best avoid weekend as the queue might be very long.

On reaching Johor Bahru, we headed to JBCC to exchange some Malaysian Ringgit. We found the money changer at JBCC gives better rate.

Just next to the money changer is this little cafe serving nonya food.

We had rendang chicken with nasi lemak rice.

Sea Coconut

JBCC Mall - is a little quiet

City Square is crowded due to more shops in this mall.

After shopping in City Square Mall, we took the public bus (S1) to KSL Mall to continue shopping. Managed to get some shoes and bags. But for clothings, I still prefer to shop in Singapore cause more familar to the fashion shops in Singapore.

KSL Mall

Could not resist buying snacks and cakes back to Singapore cause they are so much cheaper than Singapore. This kueh lapis (half size) costs me only RM40 (S$13.20) is cheaper by 50% back home.

So happy with the day trip, mostly dining, tea break and some shopping. Hope to head to Malaysia again.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 7 - Bye Bye Taiwan and Home Sweet Home Singapore

Day 7 - Finally the day we have to bid Taiwan good bye. After checking out of the hotel, we took a cab from Riverview Hotel to Taipei West Bus Station. The taxi fare from our hotel to the bus station is only NT90, if we were to take the cab from our hotel to airport will cost us more than NT1000. So we save quite a lot of money cause we have free bus vouchers from the bus station to airport (the vouchers that we collected from Taiwan Tourism Board back in Singapore).

View my old post on how to go the the Taiwan West Bus Station.

Went to the counter to exchange my vouchers for the bus tickets. (See my post on the free bus vouchers that I collected from the tourism board.

We queue at Bus 1819 to board the bus, took about 1 hour to reach Taoyuan Internation Airport from this bus station.

As we were still early before checking in at the airline counter, we went for our lunch at the food court.

I had the omurice set with fried chicken pieces(Japanese Omelette Rice) - it tasted so good

Hubby had the wonton soup noodle, there's so many wonton inside.

Finally, we settled all the check in of luggages and gone through all security checks in the airport, time to do some duty free shopping.

Saw all these beautiful Japanese toys on display

Hubby and me, both of us had the same chinese rice set

Yayy, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream for dessert

That's the end of my Taiwan trip 2015, time to plan for my next trip in 2016, still had not figure out where to go and how to go.