Sunday, March 08, 2015

NATAS Fair - Planning my next trips

Yesterday, I visited the NATAS Fair held at Singapore Expo, collected the information and maps that I needed for my next trip. Yes, I am going to Taiwan again in Autumn cause to attend a wedding of a close relative.

But before my taiwan trip, I am planning a Summer trip to another country but still in the planning stage, still looking for the best airfare and hotels.

Can you guess where I am planning to go for my Summer trip.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Travel Fair - Time to plan another trip

It is travel fair fever in March in Singapore, lots of competions among travel companies. I browsed around few travel companies in Chinatown Point over the weekend and enquired what I wanted but could not get the good answer that I wanted. There will be a few more travel fairs coming up in the coming one or two weeks, will check out the travel fair.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Johor Bahru - Komtar JBCC and City Square Mall

Just went to Johor Bahru and had a blast of time dining and shopping.

The exchange rate was very good too. I found out that it was better to change our S$ to RM in JB rather than in Sg. The rate was S$1 to RM2.71 at most money changers in JB but the best rate I found was the money changer in JBCC Level 2, it was S$1 = RM2.72, of course unless you are changing a lot of dollars, the one or few cents difference dont make much impact.

You can read my previous post on how to go to Johor Bahru from Singapore.

And also from another post on how to go to City Square Mall from the JB Immigration Building.

There's a new mall that just opened in JB, is JBCC that just next to City Square Mall and the immigration building. These three buildings were linked via pedestrian bridge. After clearing the immigration and walking towards the mall, we could see both the City Square Mall and JBCC Mall.

Just followed the signs and directions on the bridge to the respective malls.

JBCC is still quite empty as it was fairly newly completed and not many shops were open yet but there's Angry Bird Theme Park on Level 3 in JBCC but we did not visit the theme park cause we were soley there to shop for our Chinese New Year.

After browsing in JBCC, we decided to head to City Square Mall located just next door.

Due to the recent good exchange rate, shopping this time round is so much cheaper and we managed to buy shoes, bags, etc for our coming Chinese New Year. Very happy shopper. :)

And lunch was so much cheaper in Ringgit, oh dear I kept saying cheap cheap cheap hahaha - typical Singaporean style. Singapore is simply too expensive to shop nowadays.... sigh

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 6 - Bye Bye Taiwan

Finally is time to say Bye Bye to Taiwan, decided to take a cab to the airport instead of dragging so many luggages to the airport bus station. The CityInn hotel's staff arranged for a cab for us and it cost NT1100 from the hotel to airport. The staff were friendly and helpful throughout our trip, appreciated so much. If we take the airport bus is only NT125 per pax x 4 people = NT500 for 4 pax. But this trip we did a lot of shopping hahaha, so wiser to take the cab.

After checking in our luggages, we went to the food court located at Basement 1 of Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1.

Lots of varieties and prices were reasonable.

I had Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hubby had curry pork chop rice

Saw some display of insects sculpture along the way as we walked towards the boarding gate.

Finally, we boarded the plane and was sad this trip was so short.

Had some chicken noodle, hubby did not had an airline food, he was suffering from gastric.

This being my 3rd trip to Taiwan, this trip being more of relaxation and shopping and some personal errands to run. For more photos and sightseeing of other places in Taiwan, you can visit my previous trip in 2011.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 6 - Taiwanese Traditional Breakfast Soy Milk at Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 at Huashan Market

Our last day in Taiwan, decided to head to the famous Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 at Huashan Market.

It was just one mrt stop away from taipei main station. Took the MRT to Shandao Temple and exit 5 to Huashan Market on the second floor.

Exit 5 has no lift or escalator, need to climb a number of stairs.

Once we exit out of Exit 5, we got a shock, there's along queue to almost to Exit 5,the time was around 8 am,if after 9 am, the queue could be even longer.

The queue was even in the market and on the stairs from first to second storey and took us about 1 hour to queue. We took turns to queue, brother in law and sis queue for the first half hour, while hubby and me browse around the area and then we queue the next half hour.

There's lot of sitting areas so dont worry about going up to "chope"/reserved seats first, it will derived those in the front queues of sitting places.

Once we reached the counter, the staffs were very fast in taking orders and calculating the cost of the breakfast. We got our breakfast in very quick time.

The breakfast were freshly made in the large kitchen and the buns were baked via the charcoal grill.

We had the hot soy milk.

Some yu tiao (the fried fritters- a bit too oily), buns, etc.

If you dislike queueing, there's another taiwanese breakfast eatery nearby called Yong He Dou Jiang with no queues.

After breakfast, we went to the market on the first storey, where they sold vegetables, meat, fruit, etc.

Spotted huge and beautiful looking wax apples. Been eating these wax apples during the night market during our trip, love it so much.

They were so costly, one box contained about twelve wax apples and sis bought 6 and I bought 6, 6 for NT500 but they were really juicy and sweet.

It really tasted so good, sweet and juicy.

Short video of Fu Hang Dou Jiang Eating Place