Saturday, November 08, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - How to book Taiwan High Speed Rail Train Tickets

To book Taiwan High Speed Rail Train Tickets online, just log on to the official website of Taiwan HIgh Speed Rail.

Before booking online, you might want to check the timetable and fare first. Just type in the destination you wanted to depart and/or the destination of arrival. Then type in the date of departure and/or arrival (for return tickets) and the preferred time and click seach for the information.

After having a rough idea of the timetable and fare, you can click and book online. Just type all the information requested and click search.

A timetable and fare will pop up with the different discount for the different timing. It's wise to choose the greater discount (35%) unless you have a deadline to meet. Can really save a lot.

The early bird discountof 35% off, 20% off, or 10% off are offered with limited quantity no later than 5~28 days before the departure date (including the departure date). Once you have select your choice, click confirm.

After confirming, you need to key in all your personal particulars. Do take note, that I have a problem keying in my Singapore passport no. I had to add my day of birth in addition to my passport no. For example if I was born on 15th March, I need to key in 15 at the end of my passport no. (example EZ63********15).

You can choose to pay on the spot or later but remember to print the confirmed email from Taiwan HIgh Speed Rail with the status:"PAID".

Hope you have no problem booking your tickets with the above information.

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