Saturday, January 24, 2015

Johor Bahru - Komtar JBCC and City Square Mall

Just went to Johor Bahru and had a blast of time dining and shopping.

The exchange rate was very good too. I found out that it was better to change our S$ to RM in JB rather than in Sg. The rate was S$1 to RM2.71 at most money changers in JB but the best rate I found was the money changer in JBCC Level 2, it was S$1 = RM2.72, of course unless you are changing a lot of dollars, the one or few cents difference dont make much impact.

You can read my previous post on how to go to Johor Bahru from Singapore.

And also from another post on how to go to City Square Mall from the JB Immigration Building.

There's a new mall that just opened in JB, is JBCC that just next to City Square Mall and the immigration building. These three buildings were linked via pedestrian bridge. After clearing the immigration and walking towards the mall, we could see both the City Square Mall and JBCC Mall.

Just followed the signs and directions on the bridge to the respective malls.

JBCC is still quite empty as it was fairly newly completed and not many shops were open yet but there's Angry Bird Theme Park on Level 3 in JBCC but we did not visit the theme park cause we were soley there to shop for our Chinese New Year.

After browsing in JBCC, we decided to head to City Square Mall located just next door.

Due to the recent good exchange rate, shopping this time round is so much cheaper and we managed to buy shoes, bags, etc for our coming Chinese New Year. Very happy shopper. :)

And lunch was so much cheaper in Ringgit, oh dear I kept saying cheap cheap cheap hahaha - typical Singaporean style. Singapore is simply too expensive to shop nowadays.... sigh

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