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Melbourne & Gold Coast Hightlight(2005)

Melbourne & Gold Coast Highlight(2005)

17.12.2005 (Singapore - Melbourne)

Was excited going on holiday with my youngest son and youngest sister and her family. We took a night flight by Singapore Airlines to Melbourne, the garden city of Australia. Was a very smooth and pleasant flight. The inflight entertainment was really wonderful. Managed to catch two movies and the stewardess were friendly and kept pouring drinks for me. Made me going to the restroom many times (ha ha ha).

The best part was having my youngest son sitting next to me and he finished whatever food I cannot finished. But I am not sharing my dessert - magnums ice cream with son (he he he).

And yes, you get a little pack when you get on board, some socks and a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste,while the razor and comb can be found in the rest room.

28.12.2005 (Melbourne-Philip Island)

Arrived in the morning. Weather was very chilly and cold 17 deg. celsius. It was summer in melbourne. But the cooling weather is most welcome. Went to visit the gothic architectural buildings, the National Gallery, the Victoria Arts Centre, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Parliament House.

Then we proceed to Philip Island and had fun at A Maze N Things. We marvel at the metal confusion of objects defying gravity, giant people shrinking into tiny versions of their former selves. Very fun. Next we proceed to view the fairy penguins which waddle in from the ocean. They are so cute. We were freezing, the wind blown in from the ocean was just so chilly cold.

19.12.2005 Philip Island-Ashcome Maze-Strawberry Farm-Nedland Lavender Farm

We proceed to Ashcombe Maze and lost ourselves in the giant hedge mazes.
Then we stop at Nedland Lavender Farm where we bought a lot of skin care products made from the oil of lavender. The products are real good make our skin pretty smooth (hahaha).

Then we had fun picking strawberries directly from the field from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. I was greedy picking the biggest strawberry I could find but it turn out to be a mistake,it taste sour. My son pick those medium size and wow it taste very sweet. The strawberry dont look nice when freshly pick from the field but when we washed it with running water, it look red and shiny just like those in the supermarket. Yummy.

20.12.2005 Great Ocean Road

Had an early breakfast and embarked on a dramatic journey to the Great Ocean Road. The road to Great Ocean Road was very bumpy, so if you are pregnant you have to take care . The scenery of the 12 Apostles awaits us. But there are now 7 Apostles left, most had collapsed due to the wind and nature's creative art of erosion. But summer is not a great time to go to the Great Ocean Road. We were attacked by hundreds of houseflies and we felt like we were trash attracting all these flies. Eeeekkkk. But the scenery is beautiful.

21.12.2005 Melbourne-Brisbane

Took a domestic flight to Brisbane. It was free seating, kinda funny. (1st time for me to look for a seat in the plane-lol). Went for the city sights and there after visited the Sirromet Winery. And my dear careless son accidentally kick a bottle of wine and break it. Geez lucky he did not trip the whole rack of wine. Bought two bottles of red wine and carry all the way back to Singapore (ha ha ha).

22.12.2005 Gold Coast-Warner Brothers Movie World

This morning, went to Movie World...Geez there were no queues in all the rides and we managed to sit some of the rides twice. Had fun but only my son and niece tried all those thrill rides.

Had a sumptuous dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and we had a great time shopping at Surfers Paradise. We stayed at the Merchant Court Hotel which is along the shopping belt at surfers Paradise. Nice Hotel and very convenient for shopping. Most shops open very late in surfers paradise. I bought a lot of different brand of chewing gum (could not find it in Singapore because of the ban on chewing gum-ha ha ha) and more chocolates and tim-tams. Yummy.

23.12.2005 Gold Coast-Dream World

The weather was terrible, was so hot and my face was sun burned. I look terrible. Did not sit most of the rides because of the weather but my son and niece tried most of the adventurous rides. Moreover the queues were long at most rides, so spend most of the time going under the shade and looking for cold drinks.

24.12.2005 Brisbane - Singapore

Did some last minute shopping and then it was time to head to airport to go back to our home sweet home, Singapore.

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