Friday, September 01, 2006

Bangkok Street Scenes

Traffic Jam in Bangkok. A very common scenario in Bangkok.
Bangkok's Chinatown.
Entrance to Chatuchak Market (World Biggest weekend Market) open only during weekend.
Food vendor at Chatuchak Market selling fish ball, sausages, etc on skewers.
Fruits seller at Chatuchak Market
Stall selling assorted masks and toys.
Girl selling sushi at Chatuchak Market.
Stallholder preparing fish for BBQ. The amount of salt he put on the fish for BBQ is enough to put me off (lol).
BBQ fish coated with lots of salt. But it do looked delicious.
Food stall selling assorted dishes at food centre at Pantip Plaza (IT Centre)
BBQ stall located at food centre in IT centre.
Food vendor selling noodles, donuts in the morning. But in the afternoon, she is still selling the same type of food, I was wondering if the food would be contaminated especially when the stall was situated just beside the dusty road.
Food Vendor selling salad just like our rojak but the ingredients are different. I saw her putting a small tiny crab in and pound together with all the vegetables, etc...So cute.
Just one of the many garment shop in City Center (near Pratunam Market aka Garments Wholesale Center)
Wholesaler for shoes and boots selling very cheaply.

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