Friday, March 30, 2007

Macau Trip 4 (Largo do Senado/Senado Square and Rua Da Felicidade (Food Street)

23rd March 2007
Today we went to Largo Do Senado/Senado Square to do our shopping and also to visit the nearby St Paul Ruins and the Food Street.
Macau Business Tourism Centre. This is where I get the information on where to take a bus from Senado Square (San Ma Lo) to Taipa. Was told by the nice lady at the tourism centre that I could take either bus no. 33 or 11 to Taipa. We were looking forward to Taipa to try the famous Pork Chop Burger. Transportation was so cheap, cost us only a few cents to get around by bus.
Largo Do Senado

Senado Square
It was easy to get around to visit the places of interest. There were many clear signs to point to the places of interest.

Was surprised that food in Macau is not cheap. Their standard of living is quite similar to HongKong. Food in Singapore is so much cheaper and tasted really good and more varieties of food and could be found at every corner of Singapore.
Kok Kei Pastry Shop at Rua Da Felicidade. Kok Kei is supposed to be one of the best in Macau. There were many different brands of pastry shops all over macau and almost all selling the same type of food. Just tried their samples and you could make your choice (lol).
Portugese Egg Tarts - die die must try (hahaha). One of the trademark of Macau.
Rua Da Felicidade (food street)
Real disappointed with Rua Da Felicidade. Was supposed to be a food street but it looked deserted and we went back in the night, it was just as quiet.
Rua Da Felicidade- very quiet too at night.
Road Vendor in the night.

Road side vendor selling assorted of food (sausages, cuttlefish, beef, etc on skewer)

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