Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fishes at Seafood Restuarant at Yong Peng

This is Yong Peng Rest Stop. We had a rest here before proceeding to Kuala Lumpur.

While trying to pass our little time here, I saw many fishes in the fish pond of the seafood restaurant at Yong Peng.

The fishes are so huge and over this side of the pond are so many fishes. Very interesting.

A short video of the swimming fishes.


Grace said...

Hi Alice... oh, I miss fishes. I came from Philippines, and when I moved here in US, I seldom eat fresh fish... :(

alicesg said...

Hi Grace, Thanks for dropping by my blog. You might like to read my food blog for seafood..hehehe

Oman said...

these are great ambiance for a restaurant. not only your taste but your sight will be delighted. have a nice day alice.

alicesg said...

Thank you, Law. I am going to Malaysia again but will only be a one day trip. :)