Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cambodia Trip 2009 -Phnom Penh-Royal Palace(Part 2)

The Royal Palace serves as the residence of the King, a venue for court ceremony and as a symbol of the Kingdom. Inside the Palace grounds the royal buildings sit like ornate islands rising from the manicured gardens. Oh you should see the garden, it is so beautiful and of course, I took many photos of their plants and flowers which I will post later.

The palace looked so grand and magnificent.

There are many such statues inside the palace.

The roofs are not forgotten, they are decorated with many beautiful stautes too.

We have to remove our shoes before entering the palace building. But once inside the palace, we could not take any photos of the interior.
A short video of the palace grounds. Looked at the well manicured plants in the background.
To read more about the palace, you can find them from source

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