Monday, April 05, 2010

Genting Highlands Malaysia - Cable Car

We decided to take the Genting Skyway to view the tropical forest of the mountain.

A short video showing us taking the cable out of the station.

Taking the cable car out of the station. OMG, it is so frightening. Going down the mountain is scarier than going back up the mountain. I actually close my eyes when the cable car comes out of the station. Glad that hubby is beside me.

It is Asia's longest and fastest cable car. I think the whole journey is about 20minutes and it is about half the mountain down.

Taking the cable car back up the mountain. It was almost noon time and the mist is coming in and we cant see much around us. It is very interesting and a little bit scary to be caught in the mist.

At last back to the mountain resort.

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