Friday, May 28, 2010

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City - Water Puppet

At last, I am back from Ho Chi Minh City. The weather there was terrible. It was so hot at 37 degrees and really make me sick and tired. Having a very bad sore throat now.

If not for the hot weather, I think I would enjoy more. Most of the time, I cant focus taking good photos because of the

We went to a Vietnamese water puppet show. I enjoy the water puppet the best.

Oh I love this shot of the beautiful vietnamnese girl.

I wondered how they made the puppet move all over the place. Althought I dont understand what they are singing about, I do enjoyed watching the show.

The finale, where the performers came out from behind the curtains.
A short video of water puppet.

The finale video of the performers.


escape said...

we skipped this thinking it was not nice. looks good. how big was those puppets?

alicesg said...

The puppet is about 1 ft tall.