Sunday, July 10, 2011

Malaysia - Johor - City Square

Hahaha finally arrived City Square Shopping Mall in Johor Bahru after an easy entry from Singapore through the Malaysia Custom. No queues and no fuss, everything go smoothly. :)

The shopping mall is just like any mall in Singapore but the best thing is the prices are in malaysian ringgit.

Prices in restaurants are really worth going there because of the exchange rate, will talk in my next post.

The fashion in Johor is about the same as Singapore and the prices are about the same unless they are on promotion it is worth buying but certain stuff are really cheap.

My niece bought some very nice backpack in the above photo.

Reject shop? Shop selling reject goods?


Petrus said...

A good rate of exchange is great when shopping abroad.

In the UK we got Euro 1.60 to the pound some years ago but now only 1.10 which makes everything that more expensive.

alicesg said...

You are so right and I doubt I can afford to shop in Europe with that high exchange