Tuesday, January 03, 2012

China Guangzhou Trip - Day 1 - Airline Food

I managed to get the good promotional Singapore Airline Ticket, we paid only S$442.90 per person including of tax for Singapore/Guangzhou/Singapore. It paid to check the website regularly, they have different promotional prices for different days and months. I guess the price I paid was the lowest and best price in December 2011 and I got the timing of the flight that I wanted. :) Took the morning flight and reach Guangzhou around noon, was about three and half hours flight and very smooth and pleasant ride.

As ours was a morning flight, we had breakfast for our inflight meal. Hubby got the noodle while I got the hashbrown, omelette and sausage.

Will post and explain in details how I move around Guangzhou. No regret about this trip, was better and safer than I expected but still got to be vigilant. It is the same in any country, if you are in the wrong place, wrong time, something bad will happen. Best to stay low key and know when to take photos. No problem taking photos in tourist areas but those not in the tourist areas, best not take photo of their products infront of the owners, they wont like it. It is best to stand further away hahaha. But some owners have no problem especially if you patronize them.

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