Monday, October 28, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 1 - Hotel Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre, Busan

The reception of IBIS Hotel is located on the 17th floor whereelse the hotel rooms are located from Level 10 to Level 16.

The rest of the hotel seems to be occupied by a hospital but the lift entrance to the hospital is through another wing of the complex, the hotel and hospital dont share the same lifts and lobbies. The restuarant is located on the same floor as the reception.

They can speak and understand English so no problem with all the communication with the hotel and restaurant staffs.

You can ask the staff for the password for the free wifi.

We always asked for twin beds so the room will be bigger and we dont have to share one blanket or comforter lol.

The toilet doors could not be locked and is very clean cause the housekeeping staff did a good job cleaning them daily(if possible do remember to tip the housekeeping for a good job) but the shower area is rather small and triangular shaped space not suitable for a very big sized person but not sure if other rooms have the same type of shower area. Great that the toilet seat can be warmed by pressing some buttons on the side.

The hotel has a laundry room on the 10th floor with a washing machine and a dryer.

Detergent is available too for a fee, need coins to operate all the machines, there's a coin machine where you can change your notes to coins.

On every floor, there's purified hot and cold water machine, so you dont need buy any mineral water, you can just use the tumbler in the fridge to refill water and use the coffee pot to make coffee or tea (they only provide tea but I brought my own 3 in 1 coffee mix). You can purchase coffee or snacks or instant noodle from the convenience shop located on the ground floor (sorry forgot to take photo of the convenience shop). You can also choose to eat or drink in the convenience shop after purchasing from them.


Unknown said...

Hello Alice..came across your blog and i think we do have the same interest to share with..and also we are both in our fifties !!Almost al the time travelling..i usally and easy!!
soon I will be going to thank you for sharing Anne!

alicesg said...

Hi Eni esa, hope you have a great time in Busan. :)