Friday, August 01, 2014

Siem Reap Trip Day 3 - Cambodian BBQ Dinner

Soon it was dinner time, where else can we go except PUB Street lol.

Decided to have cambodian BBQ dinner at the restaurant called Cambodian BBQ located in PUB Street just diagonally opposite Red Piano.

Very interesting that they have 13 different types of meat for the BBQ but we replaced the Kangaroo meat with chicken and they run out of espadon so we replaced with shrimp.

The noodles, vegetables and rice are complimentary and can refilled any amount of times with no extra charge.

Cannot tell the difference in some meat all tasted like pork or chicken hahahaha, think only the duck and ostrich can I tell the difference, tasted so good.

There will be a piece of lard on top of the BBQ pot to grease the metal part so that the BBQ meat will not stick to the metal part.

The soup will be pour at the bottom of the pot but was a bit shallow, need to refill soup many times. Vegetables and noodles were added to the soup to cook. The whole process were heated by charcoal.

Brother in law did not join us for the BBQ, he had tom yum soup.

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