Sunday, March 01, 2015

Travel Fair - Time to plan another trip

It is travel fair fever in March in Singapore, lots of competions among travel companies. I browsed around few travel companies in Chinatown Point over the weekend and enquired what I wanted but could not get the good answer that I wanted. There will be a few more travel fairs coming up in the coming one or two weeks, will check out the travel fair.


Photo Cache said...

I've never been to a travel fair. Is it really worth the entrance fee? Can you get better deals than the ones you can get online?

alicesg said...

Travel fair is hot in Singapore, lots of different travel fair. Sometimes organised by individual travel company, some by NATAS (travel association) or group of travel companies. Used to be free admission at a major travel fair but then they start charging admission fees but this year is free again cause of some dispute and travel agents organising their own fairs. So this year all travel fairs are free lol, good for consumers like us.

Some deals are really good and cheaper than going DIY but of course I prefer DIY. The last package deal I went was to Ho Chi Minh with Chan Brothers Travel, is really very good and price very worth.

And great discounts if booked during such travel fair.