Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day6 - Taiwanese Wedding of Close Relative in Taipei

Day 6 of my trip was spend attending the wedding in Taipei of a close relative. The main purpose of this trip was for this wedding. Sorry no photos of the wedding couple and relatives cause of privacy. So here's the photos of the food instead.

The bride gave us two big boxes of wedding cakes. Wow I have so many stuff to carry back to Singapore and I had to hand carry these cakes cause they were so precious, hahaha

One of the boxes contain this big rounded cake that had some pork floss and other fillings inside.

The other bigger box contains of two trays of cookies - they were really delicious.

The wedding feast - each dish comes with auspicious name

Starter comes with four different types of meat

The second was abundance of sweetness - mochi (muah chee)

Third dish was braised sea cucumber that was delicious and very soft texture, easy to chew

Fourth dish was Buddha jump over the wall(a kind of soup or stew with a lot of ingredients)

Fifth dish was a very huge prawn

Sixth dish was actually pork ribs but looked like duck drumstick- tasted like chicken or duck meat hahaha

Seventh dish was glutinous rice

Eight dish was herbal chicken soup

Nineth dish was some kind of pastry

Tenth dish was steamed fish

Eleveth dish was some sweet dessert

Ending the feast with Hokkaido Cup Cake and assorted Taiwanese fruits

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