Sunday, May 29, 2016

Xian Trip 2016 - How to book Cathay Pacific Airfare and Hotel Package

How to book Cathay Pacific Airfare and Hotel Package.

Make sure to book your airfare (whether package or not) all in one booking and not two bookings otherwise your luggage will not be checked all the way to Xian. By booking in one booking, we dont need to collect our luggage in HongKong Airport when we are in transit, the luggage will automatically transfer from Cathay Pacific Airline to Dragonair. If you booked on two bookings either same airline or different airlines, you will have to clear custom (i.e. chop your passport) , collect luggage and go to airline counter to check in your luggage again and go through custom to chop you passport again.

As we booked ours in one booking, we just need to go to the boarding gate of Dragonair once we alighted from Cathay Pacific, we dont have to go to the immigration to chop our passport or collect our luggage.

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