Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 7 - Nanjing/Hangzhou Trip 2017 - Last Day in Hangzhou - West Lake Boat Cruise

Our final day in Hangzhou, after checking out of the hotel, we left our luggages with the reception as our flight was a night flight. So we make use of the time to do some sightseeing. It started to rain but luckily wasn't very heavy but temperature drop to 7 degrees. So freezing cold. The only time we saw the sun throughout our 7 days trip was in Wuzhen. We made our way to West Lake again but this time, we decided to go for the boat cruise to tour round West Lake and stop by one of the island called Three Pools Mirroring the Moon.

There are so many different types of boat but we choose the bigger boat for stability and neither do we want to self row the smaller boat.

The boat cruise's ticket was RMB70 and for above 60 years old was a discount of RMB10. The ticket is for the boat ride plus entry to the island. We can choose to alight at any pier that the boat landed but need to buy ticket again if we want to hop on the boat again to go to another pier.

More about the types of boat and tickets, refer to the source - Travelchinaguide.

They also sell tickets for standing only so there are chances there are not enough seats in the boat and is free seating.

We boarded the boat at Pier No. 2 and it took only 10 minutes to reach the island (Three Pools Mirroring the Moon).

Actually there's nothing much on the small islet, is just like a small garden. It is possible to take the boat to go other parts of West Lake but we did not go to other parts of the Lake, cause of the freezing weather. After touring the islet, we boarded the boat from the same pier that we alighted and headed back to Pier No. 2.

As it was spring time, I had a wonderful time, taking lots of photos of the flowers blooming.

Took the boat back to West Lake Pier No. 2 for lunch and last minute shopping.

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