Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Genting Highlands, Malaysia - Day 3 - Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

Day 3, we had breakfast inside the International Room inside Monte Carlo Casino, Genting/Highlands Hotel. This is easily the largest of the casinos and you'll probably find your vice of choice in here somewhere — they even have a few video poker machines. Visitors with foreign passports are allowed to enter the "International Room" VIP zone if they agree to sign up to WorldCard.

We need to pay for our breakfast food(the food is good) but the price was cheaper than those sold outside of the casino. Also can get free drinks, like Milo, chrysanthemum tea, chinese tea and coffee is free flow, otherwise, you need to pay.

Of course there lots of temptation of gambling in the casino, need to control yourself not to be addicted to gambling. Normally I dont gamble in casino but on signing up for the Genting Member's card, they gave us free M$30 to play on the jackpot. So needless to say, I pump more money once I started to play hahaha but I prefer watching my sisters to play than play myself, Cause the jackpot was eating money very fast, I am glad I am able to set a small sum on how much I want to play on each day. Not addicted to gambling.

After our breakfast, we made our way to Sky Avenue to take the cable car. Our original plan was to visit Chin Swee temple first, then to shop at Premium Outlet but on that day, the cable car was closed for servicing, we need to walk back to Resort Hotel to take the old cable car to Gohtong Jaya and then take a free shuttle bus to Premium Outlet, so our itinerary was changed. If we were to take the new cable car, we need not take any shuttle bus, the new cable car go direct to Chin swee Temple (1st stop) and Premium OUtlet (2nd stop), the fare was only M$8 for both statons (need keep the ticket if alight at first station and show the ticket again if proceed to second station).

It was so misty and cold that day,we could hardly see the cars when we were crossing the road.

Fantastic, had a great time shopping at the outlet, planned to visit Genting Highlands again. :)

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