Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hiroshima Trip Day 5 - Kure Part 2 - Youme Department Store

I loved visiting supermarket in Japan, seems like Youme Department Store is quite popular in Hiroshima, saw a couple of them already.

There's a food court in Youme Department Store in Kure, we headed to the upper floor and found the food court with very reasonable price and lots of different varieties of food suitable to our taste buds.

We ordered the Okonomiyaki, this is a popular dish in Hiroshima. There are various type of okonomiyaki with different ingredients, it was really very good, with cabbages and noodles in it and egg and flour.

After our sumptous lunch, we headed to the supermarket and bought some fruits and souvenirs. Oh do remember to buy the Hiroshima popular mochi (did not take photos), it melt in your mouth no need to chew much.

Haha we bought some hot grilled sweet potato and mochi.

Had a great day in Kure, we explored the little town of Kure too but did not take much photos cause were really very tired.

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