Thursday, November 01, 2018

Bangkok Trip 2018- Day 3 - Watching the train crossing at Bangkok Airport Link - Ratchaprarop Station, Pratunam Shopping, Platinum Fashion Shopping Mall, Isetan, Big C Supermarket

Day 3, we spend the whole day shopping at Pratunam. We took the airport link train from Phaya Thai Station and alight one station away at Ratchaprarop Station. Interesting to note that there's a railway track below the station. We need to cross the road to Pratunam but we also had to cross over the track so we need to look out for oncoming train. So coincidentally, a train was approaching and interesting to watch all the action. Watch the video below for the train crossing.

After crossing the railway track, we could see the two tall tower of Berkeley Hotel. Pratunam Wholesale market is just opposite Berkeley Hotel.

After spending some time in the market, we crossed over to Platinum Fashion Shopping Mall. Not much bargaining can be done, since most items are fixed price. But as I grew older my shopping list is shorter hahaha.

Isetan is just a short walk away from Platinum Fashiong Mall and Big C Supermarket is just opposite Isetan. The best part was there's a huge pedestrain bridge with shelter, Bangkok is too hot to be under the sun for too long.

Big C Supermarket provided free carton boxes for customers to pack their purchases. There's a packing point near the cashier.

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