Thursday, May 02, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 2 - City Studio Hotel - Ferris Wheel 澳門新濠影匯

After breakfast, time to go out the streets of Cotai to explore. Our first destination is City Studio, which is a short walk from Holiday Inn Hotel where we stayed. Studio City is a glamorous entertainment resort in Macau with a luxury hotel, iconic attractions, global dining, shopping streets and an opulent casino.

The eye catching feature must be the centre of the building with the number 8. It is actually a ferris wheel. Looked so scary at that height but it isn't that frightening once we sat inside the capsule.

We bought the tickets from the ticket counter for the ferris wheel ride. The ride was MOP100 for adults and my hubby being over 60 enjoyed 15% discount.

We need take the lifts up to the landing platform, too excited forgot which level but there's staff to guide us. Please use the toilets before going up, there's no toilets up there.

It was not scary once we were inside the capsule, one part of the capsule is glass bottomed.

The ride was about 5 minutes or so. After the ride, we venture around the lobby of city studio.

Fascinated by the cafe with American old cars.

More exhibits of American old cars.

The place is big, did not really walked around but spotted the moving dinosaurs.

Video of Ferris Wheel at City Studio Macau

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