Sunday, December 01, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 - Chiate Bakery

This is the most exciting shopping during our trip haha. Finally, we reached Chiate Bakery. We were lucky, there's no queue outside the shop. If there's a queue, they will limit to certain number of people to go in the bakery shop to avoid over crowding.

We know what we want, so headed to the counter and place our orders instead of taking from the shelves.

The sale staff went to get a box to keep our purchases. We need to pay for the box, we got the smallest box which cost TWD20 to keep all the boxes of pineapple cakes. We bought several boxes of pineapple cakes and sun cakes too. There were both Taiwan famous local snacks.

After purchasing, we made our way back to the hotel. We took a cab as we had too much shopping stuff with us.

There's a MRT Station just outside Chiate Bakery Shop. The station is Nanjing Sanmin Station and Exit 2.

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