Sunday, March 29, 2020

Okinawa, Japan Trip 2020 - Day 5 - American Village (Travelled in January 2020) - Part 1 - How to go to American Village from Kokusai Street, Naha, Okinawa

Travelled in January 2020

Our second last day in Okinawa (travelled in January 2020), our last sightseeing will be a visit to the American Village. American Village is like a huge playground with hotels, restaurants, shopping area, entertainment, etc and a huge Ferris Wheel and a beach nearby. I guessed is more for the American Soldiers with the American Camp just opposite it. Anyone can go visit the village. No entrance fee.

Seek help from our hotel reception on how to go there by public bus. If there's four of you, best take the taxi, the fare is about the same as taking the bus for four. The journey is about 45 minutes. The hotel reception is very helpful in providing us with information on how to take bus and gave us a list on the bus numbers and a map.

From our hotel is a mere 5 minutes walk to the bus stop which is diagonally opposite the hotel near the Ryubo Shopping Mall.

The bus fare is about 740 yen per person. The bus fare in Okinawa is rather expensive so make sense to take the taxi if there's three or four passengers. Go up by the front door of the bus, pull a ticket from the machine near the driver, hold on the ticket and pay only when alighting at the front door by presenting the ticket to the driver and the fare. Give exact fare, the driver do not give change but you can change your notes into coins at the coin machine near the driver. Can use IC card too, just tap when boarding and alighting.

There's an announcement and screen in the bus to indicate each bus stop. They are in Japanese and English so no problem in getting to the destination at all.

We alighted at Kuwae Stop which is shown on the screen in the bus.

From the bus stop of Kuwae, walked backwards and can see the huge Ferris Wheel. Just walked to that direction, only about 5 minutes walk. Do wear a hat or bring along an umbrella, not much shelter along the way.

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