Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Singapore Local Tourism 2020 - MBS 3 in 1 Bundle Promotion (photos and video)

Now that we cant travel overseas, we had to find some activities to do instead of just staying at home, it was so boring. But with Covid around, we had to be very cautious. So we decided to be local tourists in our own home country. Things we would either not do cause of the many tourists crowding all the famous tourists attractions. Now that not many tourists are able to come to Singapore, the crowd  in most attractions and places is so much thinner in Singapore. It gives us a chance to revisit some of our favourite place without having to Queue to enter these attractions.
I was so happy that Marina Bay Sands was having a promotion called 3 in 1 bundle for the first 300 visitors per day at a promotion price of only S$10 to visit three attractions in their premises but need to be a member to be able to enjoy these promotion price. It was easy, just  sign up for the free membership online via their website. Purchase the ticket at the booth near the Sampan Ride Attraction.

Due to Covid, it is mandatory to wear masks indoors and outdoors in Singapore except during dining and exercises. We need to observe social distance too. The good thing is everyone is following the rules and of course there's a fine of S$300 for those not wearing masks or keep a distance.

The first stop, we headed for the sampan ride, and it was so fun. Being a Senior Citizen, I of course had actually sat on sampan before in the sea. I remember that I had to sit a sampan to travel between the two islands in Kusu but now the two islands in Kusu are merged. 


After the Sampan ride, we headed to the observation deck on the 56th Floor of Marina Bay Sands.

Just follow the sign directions.

A great view of Singapore from the observation deck. 

Spotted the Esplanade

Marina Financial Centre and CBD in the foreground

Garden by the Bay and Marina Barrage

And of course the many ships in the sea. They were parked there for loading and unloading or ship repairing or change of crews. It is common sight to see many ships in the sea as we have a busy port.

Last attraction is the Digital Light Canvas.
There's a lot of digital fishes on the ground, will move away once we step on the ground. We were given gloves for hygiene purposes cause of Covid, as some would be tempted to touch the fishes on the ground.


 Please note the promotion end 15th November 2020 and is for the first 300 visitors only for the promotion price.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.


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