Monday, November 27, 2023

Northern Kyushu Trip 2023 - Day 1 - How to take bus from Fukuoka International Airport to Nagasaki? (2 and half hour journey)

After exiting from the arrival hall of Fukuoka International Airport, we could see the Bus Counter. Original plan was to take the shuttle bus from Fukuoka International Airport to Fukuoka Domestic Airport to take the subway to Hakata Station to purchase Northern Kyushu 3 day pass(will explain about the pass in later posts) and then take the Shinkansen from Hakata Station to Nagasaki Station (need change 2 trains) - total journey would be 2 hours including the subway, shuttle bus etc. 

This option seems too chaotic especially for first timer visiting Fukuoka.
So we decided the next thing to do was take the bus from Fukuoka International Airport all the way to Nagasaki (there's few stops in between). No need to change bus etc. Just leave our luggage in the bus compartment and we just take nap in the bus from Fukuoka Aiport all the way to Nagasaki. The whole journey will be 2 and half hour and cost half of what we would pay to take the Shinkansen.

We can purchase the bus ticket via vending machine or go to the counter. We prefer the counter service and find out more about the bus service.

It is very easy to look at the bus schedule on the board. Looked at the circled Nagasaki and the timing. We missed the 11.02 am bus so we take the next available bus which is 11.42 am. The bus is not full, only half filled. Very smooth and comfortable ride.

After purchasing the bus ticket, we just followed the sign to the bus stop outside the airport.

We need take the bus from Bus Stop No.2. There are serveral buses at Bus Stop 2 that goes different places but there is a staff at the bus stop to guide us so we wont board the wrong bus.

The bus is here and there's free wifi onboard and we sit according to the assigned seat number.

There is a 5 minute toilet break after one hour journey.

Finally after two and half hour we arrived at Nagasaki Bus Terminal.

We just drag our luggage and walked one minute to the main road, we could see our hotel in the opposite direction from the bus terminal.

No need to climb the stairs with our heavy luggage, there's an elevator to bring us up the pedestrian bridge that leads to our hotel.

Our hotel (circled) next to mall and Nagasaki Train Station.

Another option is to make Fukuoka the base of the trip, and just make Nagasaki a day trip instead of staying overnight.

Nagasaki is not too crowded as Fukuoka and lesser people so we prefer to stay 2 nights in Nagasaki for a relaxing trip instead of all the rush and noises. 

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