Sunday, December 31, 2023

Northern Kyushu Trip 2023 - Day 2 - Nagasaki - One day Street Car (tram) and city sightseeing places

Just infront of Nagasaki Station is the Tourist Information Office, we could buy the one day street car pass from the tourist information office and also collect maps and information about Nagasaki.

This is a one-day unlimited ride pass for streetcars in Nagasaki City and is recommended for those who are sightseeing in Nagasaki on a day trip. (The ONE-DAY PASS for Streetcar is valid only on the day of use.

Used to cost only 500 yen but recently increased to 600 yen. One way flat fare is 140 yen. So is worth if travelling multiple trips on the street car.
Read more from the official website    on how to use the pass.

It is easy to spot the street car stops. Just infront of Nagasaki Station is the street car stops,we just board and alight to our destination by showing the one day pass when alighting.
Our first destination on Day 1 sightseeing is the Peace Park. It is easy to locate the park, there's lots of signs to direct us from the street car stop to the park.

Nice park to take photos and also remember history of world war two. 
After visiting Peace Park, we took the tram with our one day pass to visit Oura Church and Glover Garden, they were just next to each other with few minutes walk from each other.

We even had a good view of Nagasaki City from Glover Garden.

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