Saturday, February 03, 2024

Northern Kyushu Trip 2023 - Day 3 - Prince Smart Inn Hakata Hotel

Our hotel is only a short walk from Hakata Station. From the front of this station, we just had to cross over diagonally to opposite side and walked towards the park.

Looked for the west exit and cross diagonally opposite and when see the Meiji Park (a very small park), crossed diagonally across the park and will be able to see Lawson Supermaket which is just next to the Prince Smart Inn Hakata.

It is a very small hotel but very clean and new.

We were early and could not check in but we managed to deposit our luggage at the locker (free of charge for hotel guests). For large suitcase  can deposit with the front desk (located at level 2 of the hotel).

I was too busy with my itinerary and some urgent matters that I need to attend, forgot to take photos of hotel room.

I booked my hotel accomodation with Agoda , the photos of the hotel in Agoda website is exactly what we experienced in Prince Smart Inn, Hakata .

Agoda was very useful in helping us get all the documents that we need to claim from our travel insurance as we had to leave the hotel urgently after only2 nights instead of 4 nights. More in coming posts about the insurance claim.

It is very important to buy travel insurace as we do not know what urgent matters will pop up suddenly.


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