Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 3 - Cam Thanh Village, Danang - Bamboo basket boat trip

 The next itinerary was a visit to Cam Thanh Village, where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery along both banks of the river and watch many boats bobbing on the waters, local fishermen on their daily work of catching fishes, mussel and also the highlight of the trip is to take a Bamboo Basket Boat into the water coconut palm forest with the local fisherman.

Explore the river and watch the the local fishermen catching fish and purple crabs with their unique nets.

This is the place where we go for the bamboo basket boat ride and lunch here too.

Local fisherman showing how to cast net. We watched from our bamboo boat. So interesting.

The fun starts here, we wore life jackets and go up and down the river.

Performance by the local fisherman, how he spin round and round in the bamboo basket. So skilled. Of course, we need pay some tips to him.

Local fishman show us his skill in catching crabs.
Some karaoke performance in the middle of the river while we sat in our boat.
It was so fun and interesting to be able to experience the bamboo basket boat. Was afraid but with the life jacket we were lesser afraid hahaha.

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