Monday, January 02, 2006

Australia Trip 6 -Brisbane-(Dreamworld)

Animal Corner at Dreamworld

Tiger Island
Rare White Bengal Tiger

Australia Trip 5 -Brisbane-(Movie World)

Movie of Australia's popular tourist attraction. Police Academy Stunt Show

Work out with Looney Tunes Characters.
Super Heroes Characters
Bat man
Looney Tunes Characters
Characters from Shrek

Characters from Scooby Doo

Sylvester Cat

Australia Trip 4 (Brisbane City Tour/Winery Tour)

After a 2 hrs flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, we headed straight for a city tour of brisbane.

Sirromet Winery Tour
Grapes Plant

After a long day tour, it was nice to head straight to the comfortable hotel room.
It came with a pantry corner.

Australia Trip 3 -Melbourne-(Great Ocean Road)

On the way to Great Ocean Road are these beautiful beaches.
Was told that South Pole is just ahead of the ocean. Great Ocean Road Melbourne
The Twelve Apostles are huge limestone rock formations separated from the cliff shore by the action of wind and waves. You won’t see 12 of these rock formations all at once, as they say some may be hidden from view from any of the vantage points. There are no longer 12 rock formations, because many have been eroded away.

If you think we are having fun at the beach, wrong, we are fighting thousands of houseflies flying aroud us and the weather is so hot and the sand are burning hot.


Visit to Nedland Lavender Farm, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne. Beautiful Lavender Flowers.

Lavender are process to make into beauty products.

Purple is my favourite colour and these beautiful purple lavender really caught my eyes. Took this picture of beautiful lavender when I visited Nedlands Lavender Farm home of fragrant fields of lavender in Melbourne, Australia. We get to see and smell many different varieties of lavender and enjoy a lavender style morning tea overlooking the stunning scenery.

Cannot remember what you called this animal but I think it is a cross between a sheep and llama. (not too sure about it)

Rose garden in Ashcombe Maze

I saw many huge roses in Ashcome Rose Garden, Melbourne, Australia. They are so beautiful.
Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens is home to Australia's oldest & most famous hedge maze, and also features the first circular rose maze of its kind in the world. 1200 rose bushes specifically chosen for their colour and perfume make this maze a sensory delight and challenge.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Ok, here is one very kaisu Singaporean who choose the biggest strawberry which turned out to be very sour.

Grapes harvest for wine processing.