Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 7 - Bye Bye Taiwan and Home Sweet Home Singapore

Day 7 - Finally the day we have to bid Taiwan good bye. After checking out of the hotel, we took a cab from Riverview Hotel to Taipei West Bus Station. The taxi fare from our hotel to the bus station is only NT90, if we were to take the cab from our hotel to airport will cost us more than NT1000. So we save quite a lot of money cause we have free bus vouchers from the bus station to airport (the vouchers that we collected from Taiwan Tourism Board back in Singapore).

View my old post on how to go the the Taiwan West Bus Station.

Went to the counter to exchange my vouchers for the bus tickets. (See my post on the free bus vouchers that I collected from the tourism board.

We queue at Bus 1819 to board the bus, took about 1 hour to reach Taoyuan Internation Airport from this bus station.

As we were still early before checking in at the airline counter, we went for our lunch at the food court.

I had the omurice set with fried chicken pieces(Japanese Omelette Rice) - it tasted so good

Hubby had the wonton soup noodle, there's so many wonton inside.

Finally, we settled all the check in of luggages and gone through all security checks in the airport, time to do some duty free shopping.

Saw all these beautiful Japanese toys on display

Hubby and me, both of us had the same chinese rice set

Yayy, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream for dessert

That's the end of my Taiwan trip 2015, time to plan for my next trip in 2016, still had not figure out where to go and how to go.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 6 - Shilin Night Market

Our last night in Taiwan, had to go to the night market even though we were so tired after attending the wedding during the day. Of course it should be in Shilin Night Market, we did some last minute shopping here and had a very very late dinner or supper.

Came across a coffee house with free wifi but I forgot the name of this nice coffee house and must be too tired to take photo of the coffee house too.

Hubby had the milk tea while I had the caramel tea

They do serve both western and chinese cusine. Hubby had the pork chop with fries and I had the waffle with ice cream

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day6 - Taiwanese Wedding of Close Relative in Taipei

Day 6 of my trip was spend attending the wedding in Taipei of a close relative. The main purpose of this trip was for this wedding. Sorry no photos of the wedding couple and relatives cause of privacy. So here's the photos of the food instead.

The bride gave us two big boxes of wedding cakes. Wow I have so many stuff to carry back to Singapore and I had to hand carry these cakes cause they were so precious, hahaha

One of the boxes contain this big rounded cake that had some pork floss and other fillings inside.

The other bigger box contains of two trays of cookies - they were really delicious.

The wedding feast - each dish comes with auspicious name

Starter comes with four different types of meat

The second was abundance of sweetness - mochi (muah chee)

Third dish was braised sea cucumber that was delicious and very soft texture, easy to chew

Fourth dish was Buddha jump over the wall(a kind of soup or stew with a lot of ingredients)

Fifth dish was a very huge prawn

Sixth dish was actually pork ribs but looked like duck drumstick- tasted like chicken or duck meat hahaha

Seventh dish was glutinous rice

Eight dish was herbal chicken soup

Nineth dish was some kind of pastry

Tenth dish was steamed fish

Eleveth dish was some sweet dessert

Ending the feast with Hokkaido Cup Cake and assorted Taiwanese fruits