Friday, October 13, 2023

My Next Trip - Fukuoka and Seoul Trip 2023


After almost four years since the covid pandemic causing havoc. I finally travelling again. For those curious,  I am still covid free although been close contact with friends and family members down with covid. Singapore is seeing another covid wave ,with some of my family members getting second time infected with covid but luckily they were all mild. I guess covid is becoming endemic.

Still I need take cautious, I always wear my mask especially on public transport and crowded places. 

For my next trip, it will be different from previous trip, I am older and had pre illness medication to bring along this time round haha. 

Both hubby and me are in our sixties now, so our trip will be very relaxing and stress free. We need to plan our itinerary to  cater to how well our feet can walk haha.

This time I am going to Japan (Kyushu) for 6 nights and 3 nights in Seoul , South Korea. The reason being I am taking Asiana Airlines which transit in Seoul . I could not get any Singapore Airlines Tickets that fly direct to Fukuoka (flight time about 6 hours)

My second option was either ANA or Japan Airlines but they need transit in Tokyo before flying to Fukuoka. The flight time from Singapore to tokyo around 7 hours, transit time in Tokyo about 2 hrs, flight from Tokyo to Fukuoka is about 2 and half hour. Total flight hours will be more than 10 hours (including transit time)

Third option was taking Asiana Airlines to Fukuoka from Singapore. The flight time from Singapore to Seoul is about 6 hours 25 mins, the transit time is less than 2 hours and the flight time from Seoul to Fukuoka is about 1 hour 20 minutes. Total flight hours will be less than 10 hours (including transit time).

So I take the opportunity to extend my trip to Seoul and stay in seoul for 3 nights after visiting Kyushu. As I had visited Seoul few times, this trip to seoul will be a very relaxing and shopping trip.

This is my first time visiting Kyushu, so I went to the Japan Tourism Board in Singapore to collect some maps and information. I prefer looking at physical maps then google hahaha, hard to look at the handphone at my senior age with poor eyesight and scroll here and there.

More of my trip in future posts. Please stay tune but the trip will in November.