Sunday, July 29, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 2 - Hop on Hop Off Bus - Hiroshima Meipuru-pu (Sightseeing Bus)

What better way to see Hiroshima City was to take the sightseeing bus that go round the city. The price was reasonable too. It was a hop on and hop off bus at one price. It costs only 400 yen for adult and 200 yen for children for a one day pass (unlimited rides for the whole day). A single fare for the bus is 200 yen so it is more worthwhile to buy the one day pass.

The bus is located at the car park at the Shinkansen Exit of Hiroshima Station. The same car park where the airport bus is located.

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office near the car park or from the driver. It is free for those with Japan Rail Pass.

For the one day pass, need scratch the correct date,month and year to use for the day. Always show the one day pass card to the driver on boarding the bus.

There's are three routes for the sightseeing bus, the orange route, green route and lemon route.

The bus is very punctual, the timing of arrival and departure are shown on the bus stops and also on the phamplet.

Read more from the official website.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 2 - Sheraton Grand Hotel Hiroshima - Morning Buffet Breakfast

Day 2, before starting our sightseeing, we had a sumptous and nice morning buffet breakfast at Sheraton Grand Hotel.

We had window seats, nice view of the Hiroshima Station, airport limousine bus stop, etc.

Very relaxing day and taking our own sweet time eating our breakfast since we are not on guided tour, we were on our own. This trip was very suitable for senior citizen as there's no rush and there's not much climbing to be done except walking. As we grow older, we make more stop for coffee breaks, etc

Do note that the recent flooding, damaged some railroads, so do check on the latest status or else you need to take alternative like the bus or book a private car. The railroad is much more convenient though. I am not sure if the railroads that I used for my sightseeing was affected by the flood or not. Do check with your local Japan Tourism Office.

Do read this report on the damaged railroads.

The breakfast consists of western and Japanese cuisine.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 1 - Street Car - Hondori Shopping Street

After good rest in the comfortable hotel at Sheraton, we took the street car (tram) from Hiroshima Station (South Gate). The street car station is outside the hiroshima station.

Our destination is Hondori Shopping Street, lots of shopping malls and a huge pedestrian shopping aracade at Hondori. We can take the street car no. 1,6, 2. Althought No. 2 stop at street car bus stop called Hondori, the other no. 1 and 6 stop at nearby street car bus stop, the stops are very close to each other. The fare for the street car is 180 yen, can pay to the driver on arrival of destination. Can use IC card too. (See more details about IC card here.

Lots of places in Hiroshima had these pictures, a reminder of the horrible world war 2.

Hondori Street, Hatchobori shopping street are all near to each other and connected unerground too via an Underground Shopping Street: Kamiyachō Shareo. No problem finding food here, lots of restaurants, etc along the street and in shopping malls. Although Sogo Department Store closes at 8pm, but the restaurants on the higher floors closes around 11 pm.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 1 - Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel (Stay 2 nights)

After a tiring day(did not get to sleep in the plane,red eye flight), we finally get to check in around 3pm. Our first two night, we would be staying at Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel, is not cheap, cost around S$200 + plus with morning breakfast. As this will be a very relaxing trip, we wanted some luxury and comfort, so we dont mind paying for the price. The room is very spacious and most importantly, the location is very convenient, just next to Hiroshima Train Station and the Airport Limousine Stop. For the next three nights, we will move over to the opposite hotel (Hotel Granvia - just facing opposite Sheraton Grand Hotel).

The room is very spacious with two double beds.

At the corner, there's a executive desk, great for doing some surfing and working.

The sink is not in the bathroom but just outside the bathroom facing the beds. Dont think this is a good idea. I woke earlier than hubby, so brushing my teeth at the outside sink, actually woke him up haha.

The bathtub and toilet are in two separate enclosure.

Pantry looked impressive but not all items are complimentary, only the mineral water and coffee and tea bags are complimentary.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 1 - Hiroshima Station

For our first two nights stay, we were be staying at Sheraton Grand Hotel Hiroshima. The hotel is just next to the bus stop of Airport Limousine. It is less than few minutes walk from the bus stop.

The check in time will be 3 pm, so we just left our luggages with the reception and went for our lunch. The hotel is linked to Hiroshima Station on Level 2.

The hotel is near to the Shinkasen Station Exit.

No problem finding food in Hiroshima Station, lots of restaurants in the station and also in shopping malls near the station. We found a nice cozy restaurant on street level near the North Side Exit of Hiroshima Station. Had beef patties with tempura prawns and bread and Japanese Curry Pork Cutlet with rice.

After lunch, we walked around the area near Hiroshima Station, lots of hotels in the vicinity. But the two hotels we booked is just beside Hiroshima Station, very convenient and no problem if there's rain, there's linkway with shelter from the train station to the hotels.