Monday, November 30, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 5 - Shida Night Market and Ximending and late dinner

Decided to visit Shida Night Market, but found it boring cause mostly cater to younger shoppers. I am too old for this night market lol. Shi-Da stands for National Taiwan Normal University (師範大學), shortened to 師大 in Chinese, pronounced Shī Dà. So it explained this night market catered mainly to younger generation for its trending clothes. Take the subway to Taipower Building Station and Exit 3, if I am not mistaken, make a right U turn at Exit 3 and walked all the way down along the road and the night market covered a few alleys in there.

So decided to make a trip back to Ximending cause of the rain too.

Had a late dinner at one of the Hong Kong Cafe, been eating too oily food, decided to have some nice hot porridge.

The porridge tasted so delicious.

Har Gow

Thick toast with butter

Friday, November 27, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Chiate Pineapple Cakes - How to go to Chiate Bakery Co

An updated version to my last year post on how to go to Chiate Bakery Co. in Taipei.

Finally, there's a new mrt station near Chiate Bakery Co. Address: No. 88, Section 5, Nanjing E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105.

Take the subway to the Nanjing Sanmin MRT station, and walk down Nanjing E. Road for less than one minute.

As I was around Taipei 101, I took the subway to Sun Yat Sen MRT Station, Exit 5 and took Bus 204 (3 bus stop away) to Chiate Bakery Shop.

There's a queue outside the shop, but we dont have to wait very long , less than 15 minutes wait.

Bought 15 boxes of pineapple cakes, 3 boxes sun biscuits and also some other assorted biscuits and cakes. Makes great gifts for family and friends back home.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day5 - Taipei 101

Next on our list was to visit Taipei 101, always looked at Taipei 101 from afar but did not really go into the building. Take the red line to Taipei 101 Station.

The building was really tall and difficult to take a full view photo of it from near.

Inside the building there were many restaurants, shops and mostly selling luxury goods. Did not attempt to eat at Ding Tai Fung, too long the queue.

There's a supermarket at the basement of the building, bought some wax apples, seem to be cheaper than those sold in the night market. Yummy.

The wax apple were really juicy and sweet, a must try fruit if you visit Taiwan. Bought these from the supermarket at 2 for NT138.

Proceeded to the food court also in the basement of the building, were many stalls selling different ethnic foods and fast food restaurants too.

Decided to try their local delights, a set lunch consists of fried rice, spring roll, vegetables and pig's blood curd soup. Hahaha ate pig's blood curd when I was very young but now it seems so foreign to me, dont really like it.

Hubby had the fried noodles.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 5 - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Taipei, Caught sight of Taiwan's President Ma Ying Jeou and Changing of Guards

Day5 - started the day with sightseeing at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. We took the green line from Ximen MRT Station and alight at Chiang Kai Shek Station.

Wow it happened on that day there's a recruitment exercises for the army. Lots of army vehicles on display much to the delight of my hubby, who loves all these army stuff which remind him of his national service days(compulsory national service for all Singaporeans).

And happened that the Taiwan's President was there too and I managed to video him, a rare chance to get so close to the president. :)

Video of the Taiwan's President.

After all the excitement and viewing of the army vehicles, etc, we proceeded to the memorial Hall, there's a lift at the side of the building if you do not want to climb all the steps, especially for the elderly and those on wheelchairs.

We managed to get to watch the changing of guards.

Video of Changing of guards at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Taipei - Hotel Riverview Ximending - Breakfast

Our hotel stay included daily morning breakfast. Breakfast is till 9.30 am, the best time must be around after 8 am, before that, the restaurant was so crowded, most of the time need to share table with others.

Food were finished fast but no worry, the staff replenished them in no time. I must be too hungry to take good photos of the food. There were quite a variety of food but I did not take photos of them all.

Love the wide window view of the scenery from the top floor of the hotel. The restaurant where we had breakfast is on the 12th floor. The view is that of Danshui River.