Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day Trip Johor Bahru 2014 Part 1 - Dining and Shopping at KSL Mall

Yesterday my girlfriends and I decided to visit Johor Bahru for some dining and shopping. We took the MRT Train to Kranji and catch Bus No. 170 to Johor Bahru. It only took about 10 mins to reach the customs from Kranji MRT Station. You can view my previous post on how to take the bus to Johor Bahru from Kranji MRT Station.

During my previous visit to KSL Mall, I took Bus no. S1 from the bus terminal below the Malaysia Custom Checkpoint building. This trip I took Bus no. IM17 by Maju bus company. The fare is also RM1.50 and seems to be shorter route to KSL Mall from this bus terminal as compared to Bus S1. You can view my previous post on how to go to the bus terminal from Malaysia Custom Checkpoint.

From the bus I could see the big logo of KSL Mall because this bus stopped right infront of the main entrance of KSL Mall while Bus S1 stopped at another entrance of the mall where we could not see the big logo of KSL Mall.

Brought my friends to Old Town Coffee House to eat the delicious rendang meals cause was the first time for one of my friend to visit this mall. I saw a coffee shop opposite the main entrance of KSL Mall selling Bak kut teh seems to be good cause of the big crowd in the coffee shop. The next trip, I definitely want to try the bak kut teh.

It was defintely cheaper to eat in JB than in Singapore because of the strong S$.

Lots of Chinese New Year cookies on sale in the mall cause Chinese New Year will here in about two weeks time.

At the basement of the mall, a very fragrant smell emitted from this stall selling Penang Laksa. Really make me hungry but was too full to eat the penang laksa at this point.

Bought two pairs of shoes from the mall, was really cheap when converted to S$ is about S$19 per pair. What a bargain!!! :)

After a satisfied shopping, we decided to head to City Square Mall to continue our shopping spree.

Went to the side entrance of the KSL mall where Bus S1 terminated to catch the bus back to JB Sentral. You can see my previous post on the location of S1 terminated at KSL Mall.

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