Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Planning for my next DIY tour

Hoping to make two trips this year, one very soon and the other hopefully by end of this year.

Firstly, we have to do some homework first cause we prefer a DIY tour rather than join some package tour with travel companies. Unless there's communication problem otherwise we rather visit on our own and decide our own itinenary.

We have not decided where to go yet so I made a trip to Hongkong Tourist Board Singapore to collect some maps, brochures and travel guides.

The Hongkong Tourist Board was located on the 34th floor on Suntec Tower Two. The maps and guides were all located just outside their office but before going up to the floor, we need to register with the security and get a visitor pass to tap on the gantry gate just outside the lift lobby. Once done with the visiting of the office, simply return the visitor pass back to the security.

Saw these food guides of Hongkong, they were useful and maps and directions on how to access to the restaurant from the mtr station. Seems like Hongkong is on my must visit soon list. :)

Then I pop over to Suntec Tower One to visit China Tourism Board on the 12th floor. Same as in tower two, need to register with the security to get a visitor pass.

There were many maps and guides at the lobby of the tourism office. Very useful. I visited this office last december when I was planning my Guangzhou trip. I have to do further homework to see if a DIY tour is possible for the above cities in China. :) Like to visit Suzhou, Nanjing or Xian but need to check on the flight available and the best way on how to travel to these cities. Hopefully I can find some good airline promotion to these cities soon.

Hubby and me are above 50s and we need to adjust some of the tour to suit our pace, we like to do it slow and not packed with so many cities in few days just as some travel companies did. This way we could see more of each cities instead of rushing from one city to another city.