Monday, April 29, 2024

Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 3 - Danang - Linh Ung Pagoda

 Today sightseeing started with tour to Linh Ung Pagoda. The statue with its back to the mountain, faces to the sea. Above the Guan Yin Statue is Buddhahood statue with the height of 2 meters where the whole of Danang Beach can be seen.

Besides the tall statue of the Goddess of Mercy, there's several statues of other buddhas of Arhat Statues displaying different emotions. Read more about the history about Linh Ung Pagoda from this link       .

Great view of Danang beach from Linh Ung Pagoda but also spotted several monkeys in the compound.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 3 - The Sail Hotel Danang - Buffet Breakfast

Day 3, going for an exciting trip today. First let's have breakfast. The buffet breakfast provided by the hotel.

Had been eating too much the past few days, I am skipping all the heavy stuff during this morning breakfast, go for the bread, cakes, egg and congee.


Saturday, April 27, 2024

Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 2 - Danang - Cruise at night with view of Dragon Bridge

 After dinner, we were whisked for our cruise tour. This tour is not included in our package tour, it was an optional tour where we paid S$25 for it. It was about an hour ride or less than it. They gave us a can of coke, a bottle of mineral water and some fruits. The main purpose of the cruise was to ride to the  dragon bridge to view fire breathing out from the dragon.

Everyone were excited to see the dragon breathing fire.

Onboard the cruise, we were also entertained by a belly dancer.

It was so cold as the cold wind from the river blow into our ship.  After the cruise tour, we went back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 2 - Danang - Seafood Dinner

Tonight's dinner was seafood hot pot. Wow lots of seafood and lobster too. (Half lobster for each of us)
I ate so much, my stomach was bloated hahaha. After dinner, we still had a cruise itinerary.
Some seafood was steamed first, consist mainly of shell fishes and small squid.

We had baked lobster (half lobster for each of us) - tasted so good.

Then followed by two types of oysters. One  bakedwith  cheese and the other steamed with spring onion, etc

Then followed by the highlight of the hot pot. Several crayfishes, fishes, meat and vegetables.

Stir fry vegetables and omelette

Crispy small prawns

After we ate the steamed part of the seafood, the staff removed the steamer and below was a hot pot where they add broth and added all the hot pot ingredients into the hot pot. So much to eat.


Thursday, April 25, 2024

Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 2 - Danang - My Khe Beach

After resting for a short while in the hotel, we walked over to My Khe Beach, a mere 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

The beach looked so clean and peaceful. The waves were strong, good for surfers.

Short video of the beach and beach activities.
This trip I joined a packaged tour with a Singapore tour agency, next time, I will definitely come back again to visit Danang on my own .


Central Vietnam Trip 2024 - Day 2 - Danang - The Sail Hotel

After 2 hours bus ride from Hue City, we finally arrived back to Danang. Danang weather is just like back in Singapore. Danang is not as cold as Hue City as Hue City is on the north of Vietnam and has 4 seasons.
The Sail Hotel is a four star hotel, very clean and cozy hotel. 

The bedroom wardrobe is so colourful.

Free complimentary water and coffee and tea but I am not sure if the snacks are chargeable.
Anything in the fridge is chargeable.

After a short rest, we went walked over to My Khe Beach which is only less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel.