Saturday, December 07, 2019

Taiwan Trip 2019 - Bye Bye Taiwan

Our last day in Taiwan, our flight was around 2 plus pm. So we need to check out and be at the airport at least two hours before our flight time. We decided to take the airport bus from Banqiao Bus Station since is only a short walk from our hotel. Our luggages are with wheels so is easy to drag to the bus station in less than 10 minutes.

The trip from Banqiao Bus Station to Taoyuan International Airport took about one hour, so we decided to take the 10.30 am bus. We can choose to buy the bus ticket from the ticket office on the second level of the bus station or just pay to the driver via the coin box. The fare is TWD135 , exact fare is needed to drop into the coin box, the driver does not carry any change so no change will be given if there's no exact fare. Alternatively, can pay by tapping the easy card on the machine in the bus. Tap to board the bus and tap to exit the bus.

The ride is comfortable and we finally arrived the airport in no time. After clearing custom, we had lunch in one of the cafe in the airport.

Enjoyed the flight on China Airlines, the service is good, seat very spacious even in the economy class and the food is good too.

On arrival in Singapore, it was raining very heavily and lightning was bad. Our luggages were delayed cause of the lightning and was not safe for the airport workers to retrieve our luggages.

Enjoyed our trip in Taiwan even though we been there so many times. Will go again but explore different parts of Taiwan that we did not visit.

Stay tuned for my next trip to Okinawa, Japan next month.

Monday, December 02, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 - Buffet Dinner at Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao, taipei, Taiwan

Our last night in Taiwan, so we decided to treat ourselves to buffet at Bon Appetit in Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao. The buffet dinner was actually about TWD880 (if I remembered correctly), but there's a promotion for the buffet at 1 for 1 so the price is TWD880 for two people and being hotel guests, we dont have to pay any service tax, etc. So is nett price. Really worth it.

There's a lot and varities of food, I just had to share it all.