Friday, May 31, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 3 - Taking ferry from Hong Kong Island to Tsim Tsai Tsui and Hing Kee Claypot Rice at Temple Street Hong Kong

For dinner, we wanted to try the famous Hing Kee Claypot Rice at Temple Street. So we took the hotel's free shuttle bus right in front of the hotel (there's a time schedule - check with the front desk), to Hong Kong Station.

From Hong Kong Station, we walked over to Central Pier to catch a ferry to Tsim Tsai Tsui.

We bought our ferry tickets from the ticket machine, can use octopus card too.

It was a very short ride about 10 mins but the view of the harbour and sea was fantastic.

After exiting the ferry, it was a long walk to temple street, can take bus or MTR (alight at Jordan Station) but as we would like to take a slow walk and browse the rows of shops along Nathan Road, we decided to take a slow walk. But for our return journey back to our hotel, we took the MTR Train from Jordan Station all the way to Northpoint MTR Station.

Temple street is break into two parts, if coming from Nathan Road, the first part of Nathan Road is broken by a overhead bridge, so dont presume this is the end of Temple Street, walked under the bridge and look for the temple.

If unsure ask the vendors where the famous Hing Kee Claypot rice 興記煲仔飯 is. It is really famous and most will know and can direct you to the location.

Pass by the temple, can see bright lights on the other side of temple street.

The restaurant is always crowded but the queue moved fast.

We ordered the chicken and sausage claypot rice - Personally, I am not sure if I like it. Sorry to say, prefer the claypot rice back in Singapore, they are so much better. This is up to individual taste and liking, I am just very fussy with food.

Deep Fried Oyster pancake - I find them to be too oily to my liking.

Luckily we ordered the sweet and sour pork which is so much better, otherwise our dinner would be very disappointing. Personally, I think their stir fry dishes are better than their claypot rice.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 3 - Hotel Grandview Hongkong

We took the airport bus A11 from HZMB to our hotel in Hong Kong Island, the bus fare was HK$40, so much cheaper than taking a cab but the journey of the bus took quite long around 50 minutes to reach our hotel. Can also alight at Hong Kong Station and wait for the hotel Shuttle Bus but as we do not know where to take the shuttle bus, we decided to take A11 all the way to the hotel.

As we booked our hotel quite late, most hotels in Tsim Tsai Tsui either fully booked or the price was too high. So we settle for Hong Kong Grand View which was not cheap as we booked quite late. The bus stopped at a street away from the hotel, we just need to cross over to the Chun Yeung Street in Northpoint. The hotel is near the market and residential area. Good for photography but not good for those who do not like the smell of the market scene. This place is actually quite interesting and good place to take photo of the trams.

I expect the hotel to be very dirty and old but it looked clean enough cause they just had some renovations done.

This looked like a painting hanging on a wall but is actually the open window on the rooftop of the hotel.

The roof top observation deck is open to hotel guests and it really a good place to view Hongkong scenery.

There's even a small swimming pool.

At night, we came up to view the scenery again.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 3 - How to take the bus from Macau Border to Hongkong via the HZMB (Hongkong Zhuhai Macau Bridge) and taking Airport Bus from HZMB Border to Hong Kong Island

After checking out of Holiday Inn, we hitched a taxi from the hotel to HZMB Border to go to Hong Kong via the new link bridge. For those going to Hong Kong by ferry, there's a free bus infront of Holiday Inn Cotai to the ferry terminal. The taxi fare from Holiday Inn Cotai to HZMB is about MOP130.

On reaching the immigration hall, we could purchase ticket for the shuttle bus for the Macau to Hong kong sector from the counter or from the ticket machine. The fare for the bus is MOP65 and 50% discount for senior citizen.

There's luggage storage in the bus for bigger luggage. A very fast and comfortable ride, only about 30 minutes from Macau to Hong Kong via the HZMB link bridge.

As it was not a weekend nor public holiday, there's no queue and everything is smooth going.

On arrival at the Hong Kong immigration and having our passport processed, we exit the arrival hall, immediately we could see large sign board advertising the airport bus from HZMB to various part of Hong Kong. So we do not have to take bus back to Hong Kong International Airport, we just take these airport buses directly from HZMB. These airport buses came from the international airport and passed through to HZMB then to various part of cities in Hong Kong.

As we had booked our hotel in Hong Kong Island, we took A11. It's so much cheaper than taking the taxi.

As we sat in the upper deck of the bus and left our luggages at the luggage storage in the lower deck of the bus but here's CCTV in the bus where we could view our luggages. It was quite a long ride from HZMB to Hong Kong Island, I think about 50 minutes or so.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 3 - Venetian Hotel Macau

Day 3, after our morning breakfast, we decided to visit Venetian Hotel which is just opposite Holiday Inn. I had visited this hotel before but wanted to visit again.

We used the link bridge to cross over to the hotel.

The casino in Venetian Hotel, almost all major hotels had casino in them.

Love the beautiful european decoration inside the hotel.

A last look at Cotai Strip where all the hotels were located before leaving Macau for Hong Kong.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 2 - Wynn Palace - Skycab

After dinner, time for stroll around the Cotai Area, we decided to visit Wynn Palace. To enter Wynn Palace, we need to take the skycab which is complimentary and free, used to need pay a fee to sit the skycab. It was a wonderful experience especially when the musical fountain show was on. As it wasn't a weekend or public holiday, there's no long queue for the ride.

Inside the Wynn Palace was so beautiful, think the most beautiful interior decoration in Cotai, even the toilet was not spared, it was so clean and pretty haha.

Right infront of Wynn Palace Cotai, was the LRT Station which was still under construction and will be ready by next year.