Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 5 Aeon Mall

After a good rest in the hotel, we decided to go to Aeon Mall for dinner. We took the Kure Line to Tenjingawa Station (only one station from Hiroshima Station). For other means of transport to Aeon Mall, view the website from Aeon Mall.

After exiting from the station, walked straight towards Aeon Mall.

We could view Aeon Mall logo from far, so just walked towards it.

Crossed over to the mini mart at the road junction and turn left.

Walked towards the KFC logo at the KFC restaurant, could see the mall at the restaurant.

Aeon Mall visible at the entrance and it was really huge with lots of restaurants and shops. Worth coming here.

The first restaurant on the ground level attracted us with the buffet and the price, so we decided to have buffet there.

The buffet price was 1599 yen (about less than S$20) and add 199 yen for free flow of hot and cold beverages and for red meat add 299 yen. We decided to forgo the red meat, there's lot of varieties of food at the buffet.

After nice dinner and window shopping at Aeon Mall, we decided to return back to our hotel. Walked back the same way as we came earlier.

To return to Hiroshima Station, do not enter the exit/entrance/Platform 1 , instead walk through the underpass to enter exit/entrance 2. The two exits/entrances are not connected. So need to enter or exit separately.

The underpass looked dark and quiet but do not worry, lots of people walking/using this underpass.

Walked up the stairs to Platform 2, purchase the ticket at the machine at the platform or use your IC Card for the train fare.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hiroshima Trip Day 5 - Kure Part 2 - Youme Department Store

I loved visiting supermarket in Japan, seems like Youme Department Store is quite popular in Hiroshima, saw a couple of them already.

There's a food court in Youme Department Store in Kure, we headed to the upper floor and found the food court with very reasonable price and lots of different varieties of food suitable to our taste buds.

We ordered the Okonomiyaki, this is a popular dish in Hiroshima. There are various type of okonomiyaki with different ingredients, it was really very good, with cabbages and noodles in it and egg and flour.

After our sumptous lunch, we headed to the supermarket and bought some fruits and souvenirs. Oh do remember to buy the Hiroshima popular mochi (did not take photos), it melt in your mouth no need to chew much.

Haha we bought some hot grilled sweet potato and mochi.

Had a great day in Kure, we explored the little town of Kure too but did not take much photos cause were really very tired.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 5 - Kure - Part 1 - Submarine and Kure JMSDF Museum

Day 5, a very relaxing day, after breakfast, we took the JR local train from Hiroshima Station to Kure Station which is about 45 minutes ride away. Plan to visit the small little town of Kure and the Museum. Hubby was very interested in visiting the submarine.

Breakfast at one of the nice cozy cafe on street level in Hiroshima Station facing the street car (tram car) station.

After 45 minutes ride in the local train, we finally arrived at Kure Station.

Easy to navigate the small town, lots of sign at the train station to direct us to JMSDF Museum.

First, we stopped by the tourist information office to collect some maps of Kure Town. The tourist information office was very cozy, free wifi, reading materials, etc. The staff could speak english and very friendly.

The submarine is very huge, easily spotted, just walked towards the submarine where the JMSDF Museum is located and admission is free. Read more about the museum from official website.

We could walked into the submarine to view it. A very first experience for me to walk into the submarine, very nice.