Sunday, December 31, 2017

Genting Highlands, Malaysia - Day 1 - Christmas Light Show at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

There's so much changes in Genting Highlands since the last time I visited 7 years ago. There's a new shopping mall called Sky Avenue, it was huge, lots of shops and lots of dining choices, cinema and of course casino. Was so attracted and amazed at the huge kinetic display at the mall's atrium.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Genting Highlands, Malaysia - Day 1 - First World Hotel Tower 3 (Y5 Room), Genting Highlands

It was a last minute decision to join my two sisters and their families for this Genting Highlands's trip, I could not stay the same Resort Hotel as them cause was fully booked. I managed to get a Y5 deluxe room in First World Hotel Tower 3, Y5 (stands for wifi), only rooms in tower 3 has free wifi facilities, while tower 1 and tower 2 of first world hotel does not have wifi facilities. So if you wanted wifi facilities, booked the room with the Y5 indication.

First World Hotel with three towers, means a lot of hotel guests, so to avoid long queue in checking, we pay RM5 to check in first via the check in kiosk (machine). The check in time is 3 pm while the check out time is 11 am. Even though we had half an hour till 3 pm, we decided to pay RM5 to check in first cause looking at the huge crowd, need at least 1 and half hour to check in if we did not pay to check in first. On top of that, we also need to pay RM10 per night for tourist tax for the hotel stay.

Love the trick eye murals on the walls at the lobby of tower 3, stood infront of the magnifying glass as if the boy looking at me thru the glass and I stood infront of the butterfly and it looked as if I had feelers on top of my head and wings spreading out of my side, sorry no photo of me (privacy haha).

The deluxe room comes either with twin or queen but we could not have the option to choose the type of bed (so if need 2 beds guaranteed, get the triple room). The room was quite clean and cozy.

The cupboard is open concept (no doors), comes with safe and minibar, no bedroom slippers (need bring own), no toothbrushes or toothpaste(need bring own or easily available from the numerous convenience shops at the lobby), there's an electric flask with 2 cups, 1 big packet of tissue paper and 2 bath towels, shampoo, bath lotion.

The sink area is between the toilet and bath, they are all separated. The only negative about this room is that we could not bring clothes to change in the bathroom, need change infront of the bathroom (no privacy especially if stay with friends).

They do not provide free bottles of complimentary water, there's a water dispenser with hot and cold water along the corridor of the rooms.

Check out is 11 am and easily done by slotting the room keys into the numerous machine at the hotel lobby.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Genting Highlands, Malaysia - Day 1, Taking Transtar Solitaire from Singapore to Genting Highlands, Malaysia

It was a long time since I visited Genting Highlands(about 7 years ago), in Malaysia. So much changes.

Wanted a comfortable ride for the about 8 hours ride (used to be about 6 and half hours ride, I guess there's a new regulation that the bus could not speed). We booked the first class Transtar Solitaire with Transtar Travel. The bus had 18 individual seater double decker coach,with designed cocoon seat reclines into a full 140 degree at the touch of a button. The package came with a meal and entertainment system where we could watch movies or play games, but could not utilise the system on both way to and fro journey. Was told the system is down. Everything is good about the coach package except about the entertainment.

After passing both the Singapore and Malaysia Custom, we were served nasi lemak meal with a cup of hot coffee or tea, the meal is not that fantastic but is still good.

After about 3 hours bus journey, we had the first official toilet break.(So best to use the toilet after clearing the custom.) After the toilet break, we got another cup of hot coffee or tea.

After another one and half hour bus ride, we had another second toilet break.

On reaching the foot of Genting Highlands, we need change to single deck shuttle bus cause the double decker bus could not go up to the top of Genting Highlands due to some restriction for safety purposes, by the local government.