Sunday, June 30, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 1 - Westfield Carousel Perth Australia

As we did not have a good sleep in the plane, we decided to rest and catch some sleep before heading out for lunch. Luckily we managed to sleep for few hours, a much needed sleep for we senior folks. We headed to Westfield Carousel, Perth biggest shopping mall. Read more information about the mall from their official website.

Most of the shops closed at 5 pm except for the bigger shops like K Mart, Coles, Target, Woolsworth Supermarket and some restaurants which closes at 9 pm. Late night shopping on Thursday till 9 pm for all the shops in the mall.

I enjoyed shopping in this mall. Managed to shop for clothes, groceries from here. Really very cheap.

Lots of fruits in Australia, easily available in shops, supermarkets, markets and fruit Orchard (will post on it later). Love how big the persimmons are.

No problem finding restaurants, fast food, cafe, coffee in this mall. We have no problem communicating as we could speak English and mandarin. The chinese restaurants have staff that could speak english, mandarin, cantonese, etc

One of my favourite shop in Perth is Ally. Bought so many outerwear for the cold weather.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 1 - Singapore Airlines and getting Optus Sim Card

This trip was to Perth, Western Australia. Went with my two other friends without our hubbies hahaha. We decided to visit our friend who is residing in Perth.

We took the red eye flight and reach Perth after about 5 hours, did not really slept in the plane. We had breakfast in the plane.

Noodles - was really good

Omelette and sausage

After clearing the immigration, we bought the local SIM card at A$25 for 50 GB from Optus. As I seldom make use of the phone, I decided use the hot spot from the sim card which I share with another friend. There's a few phone companies, but Optus seem more popular.

There's car rental too at the airport. We were lucky our Australian friend came to pick us around 6 am. We stay at one of her spare home which she rent to students. As the house is empty for the time being, she let us stay there for a token fee.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 8 - Bye Bye Shenzhen and taking Silkair from Shenzhen airport back to Singapore

Time for us to say Good Bye to Shenzhen. We bought multi city air ticket from Singapore Airlines, we flew in from Singapore to Hong kong (Singapore Airlines Plane) and our return trip we decided to fly back to Singapore from Shenzhen (Silkair Plane).

After checking out of our hotel, we took the metro to the airport.

After all the checking in of our luggages at the airport, we went for our lunch in the airport before going into the transit area. No problem finding food at the airport that range from chinese food to fast food (like Macdonald).

There's only a couple of cafes inside the transit area.

Watch the silkair entertainment movies from my Ipad. There's also overhead monitor but minus the audio.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 8 - Statues in Dongmen Shopping Street Shenzhen

Our last day in Shenzhen, after breakfast, we walked around the area near our hotel in Dongmen before checking out of hotel. Nice to see some ancient remains in the city and also some statues of both ancient and modern reminder of what life were like before and after the development of the city.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 7 - Luohu and Shangri La Hotel Buffet Shenzhen

After a nice breakfast in the hotel, we went to Luohu District which is about two metro stations away from Laojie Station. Luohu Commercial City is where you can shop for clothes, toys, electronic, etc. Really need to bargain. This station is the nearest to Hong kong, can actually walked over to the Hong Kong Border.

We could spot Shangri La Hotel from Luohu Station. We actually wanted to stay here but prefer to be nearer to Dongmen Shopping Street which is two stations away.

As we grew older, we are not so keen in the shopping or theme park or cultural park, etc. We prefer to relax and eat and more coffee/tea break to rest our tired legs. Decided to have buffet in Shangri La Hotel being our second last day in our whole trip and to pamper ourselves a bit. The buffet is really good with lots of varieties. Love the dessert corner.