Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My next trip - Nanjing and Hangzhou

Managed to book my next trip with Scoots Airlines, not booking hastily and managed to book at good promotion fare, save $200 for both of us (good thing we did not booked early).

Will be travelling in a couple of months so have to wait for my travel story of Nanjing and Hangzhou in a couple of months. :)

My itinerary is roughly like this:

Day 1 - Fly from Singapore to Nanjing (reach in the afternoon), take the subway (CNY2), walked about 5 mins to arrive at the entrance of the hotel.

Day 2 (Breakfast in hotel), sightseeing

Day 3 (Beakfast in hotel), sightseeing

Day 4 (Breakfast in hotel), check out hotel, take high speed rail from Nanjing to Hangzhou (not yet buy train ticket, will buy on arrival on Day 1), the train journey is less than 2 hours), take taxi or subway from train station to hotel, (do some sightseeing at west lake and night shopping)

Day 5 (no breakfast in hotel but lots of food places near hotel, ) - sightseeing

Day 6 Sightseeing

Day 7 Sightseeing and check out hotel and sightseeing and shopping, take airport bus near our hotel to airport

Day 8 Reach Singapore 3 plus am