Monday, October 13, 2008

Bus Ride to Kuala Lumpur

Our ride to Kuala Lumpur was on this luxury bus with 20 seaters in the upper deck and 5 seats in the lower decker bus. Arrived at the Five Stars Travel Agent's office at Beach Road about 7.30 am to collect the hotel and transport vouchers and the bus leave at 8 am sharp from Beach Road to Malaysia. As it was an exam week in Singapore, the bus had only 10 passengers.

The seats were very comfortable and could be reclined just like a business class seat in a plane where we could sleep (could not recline like a bed but comfortably enough) or watch movie or play computer games very comfortably. Only regret was I did not bring along a small pillow for more

There are many movies to select and they come in either English or Mandarin Movies.

The bus arrived at the first rest stop after about one and half hour bus ride after leaving the Malaysian custom. This is Yong Peng rest stop.

We could take toilet break and have some meals at this rest stop. You could see many empty seats because it was exam week in Singapore so this restaurant depended very much on Singapore tourists for business.

There is a small supermarket at Yong Peng rest stop, where we could buy some malaysian products and snacks. We would stop at this restaurant too when we return from our trip.

After another 2 hours bus ride from Yong Peng, we arrived at this rest stop for toilet break.

There was no restaurant at this stop, just a little stall selling some drinks and snacks.
Will blog more about my KL trip, once I sorted the rest of the photos.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Transtar? I just tried Transtar and Aeroline and I like Transtar more.

alicesg said...

No, I did not tried Transtar. I saw that their bus looked newer and comfortable. Will try transtar if I decided to visit Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by.

alicesg said...

No, Clement, I have been to Malaysia countless of times. I think I visited KL 3 or 4 times but the last time I visited KL was 30 years Now that makes me sound old. I am a frequent visitor to Malaysia but always in different cities. Been to Penang, Ipoh, Malacca,Cameron Highlands, Genting and Johor too. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Jack Witson said...
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David John said...
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