Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lunch with Lobster at Desaru

After travelling for about two hours, we finally arrived at the restaurant to have our lunch. Good thing, I ate a very light breakfast...lol. It was only 11.30 am and we are supposed to have our lunch.

The lunch is so yummy and delicious and I love the mini lobster but we could only have half of one lobster each...grrrrrr.

For photos of the lunch, please pop over to my food blog to view the yummy and delicious lobster lunch.

After lunch, we walked over to a bakery shop to get their famous pastries.

Assorted cakes and biscuits.

Desaru is a very small and sleepy town and only comes alive when tourists come visiting to boost the economy especially during the holidays.


Unknown said...

Hi Alice,
Thanks for the visit of my world.
So,I do hope you enjoy the hospitality of the Malaysian there & I guess you enjoy the food too.
Have a wonderful holiday.

alicesg said...

Thanks for dropping by my travel blog, UncleWang. Yes, I do enjoyed visitng Malaysia, been here so many times since young (now I sound so old...lol). Will visit Genting soon if time permits.