Monday, December 15, 2008

Setting out for trip to Desaru

We are supposed to assemble at Golden Mile Complex at 6.15 am and the bus leave for Desaru at 6.30 am sharp, so dont be late. The seatings in the bus are free seating so be early to "chope" good seats and we forever been too polite always end up taking the few back

The journey could be long and boring in the bus so make sure you bring along a music player or some books or games unless you are one of those lucky ones who can sleep like a log in the bus, good for you.

I cant sleep in the bus cause the road is bumpy so I ended up listening to my favourite music from my music player.

After clearing custom at Tuas (2nd link), we reach this coffee shop after twenty minutes to have our breakfast at our own expenses as the tour only covered the tours and lunch and dinner only.
After breakfast, a quick short shopping spree at the local product shop just next to the coffee shop to buy some keropok and snacks.

The keropok comes in many flavours.
Then it is back to the bus to continue our two hours journey to have our lunch. Yes, so please take a not so heavy breakfast cause lunch is coming up

To be continued........

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