Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Batam Indonesia - BCS Shopping Mall (Batam City Square)

The earlier cancellation of two hours of part of our tour due to the sudden and heavy downpour, resulted in us stranded in this mall for three hours instead of one and the half

The mall looked very new and just like one of the malls in Singapore. The stuff sold there are not cheap and are comparable to Singapore prices.

I did not shop much, if I have known better, hubby and me should have watch a movie By the time we discovered the cinema, there's not much time to watch the movie. It is so much cheaper to watch a movie in Batam, for weekdays, the cost of a cinema ticket is RP15,000 and for weekend it is RP20,000 (exchange rate RP6400 = S$1). Watching a movie in Singapore during weekend can costs about S$8.50 or S$9.50

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