Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Batam Indonesia - Street Scenes

Some photos of the street scenes in Batam. It is always cheaper to eat at coffeeshops like the above photo then in restaurants and in eateries in the shopping malls. But most of these coffeeshops are non airconditioning same as those found in Singapore.

A local market in Batam. Geez, we dont get to visit the local market as it was not in our itinerary and we dont have time to rush in the market to take a Spotted this market near a souvenir shop that we were in and we were given twenty minutes to shop in the souvenir shop instead of the local market, geez.

Took the photos of the malls from inside of my tour bus. There are several shopping malls in Batam now compared to when I first visited Batam in the late 80s.
A street vendor selling his goods from his van. So cute. The bags are all made from batik and they are not costly. The bags are well designed. I bought some. The small bags were sold at three for S$5 while the bigger bags were sold at three for S$10. Most of the time, they traded in S$ because of the close proximity to Singapore and the majority of the tourists are from Singapore.
The bags are folded like rectangles and open up into a bag.

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