Monday, October 24, 2011

Taiwan Tour Day 1 Night - Shilin Night Market

After checking into our hotel, we just dump our luggages in our hotel room and head out to Shilin Night Market.

We took MRT from Taipei Main Station. It is easy to use those ticketing machines, just looked at the map of your destination on the machine and touch screen your destionation fare and slot in the fare amount.

Then collect your change (if any) and the tokens.

Tap the tokens on entering the gate barrier.

On exiting, slot the tokens into the gate barrier and the door will open for you to exit.

To visit Shilin Night Market, do alight at Jiantan MRT Station and not Shilin MRT Station. Once you come out of the train, looked for the signboard on the top to direct you to the correct EXIT 1 otherwise you got to walk a long way to the night market.

Lots of street food and fashion for sales in this night market. A must visit for tourists.

Read so much about the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian in Shilin Market, we managed to find the stall and ordered the mian xian(also known as mee sua or rice noodles). It is quite starchy, not everyone will like this cause in my country our mian xian comes in clear soup not the starchy type. I think they comes with some pig's intestines.

Although there's lot of people ordering the mian xian, it is very fast cause they are pre cooked and the stall holder just scoop from the pot. We collected our bowls of mian xian and headed inside the shop to eat our mian xian. They have chairs and benches inside but not tables.

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escape said...

oh wow. here comes the taiwan series. im also considering visiting taiwan in the coming years.

ill definitely love the food.