Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 2 - Kaoshiung - Sanduo Shopping District

After dumping our bags, we headed for lunch. Saw many restaurants opposite Kaoshiung MRT Station.

We settled for a nice Japanese Restaurant for our lunch.

I guess it was past lunch time, there weren't much customers in the restaurant. It was almost 3 pm.

Free refill of rice and soup were available at self service.

Hubby had Japanese curry rice with pork chop.

I cant remember what I had, I think it is chicken.

The meal comes with drink and dessert.

We took the MRT from Kaoshiung MRT Station to Sanduo Shopping District. There were a lot of malls and shops there too but we did not find anything we like. The things sold in malls were almost the same price of what we can find in Singapore.

From Sanduo MRT Station, I could see the highest building in Kaoshiung. That is the Tuntex Sky Building. We did not walked to the building.

Went into Sogo Shopping Mall, wow they had I think 17 floors, and we went to every floor upto the tenth floor and almost every floor were shopping areas. Did not bother to go higher than 10th, so we took the lift down and walked along the streets.

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